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Italian Сuisine


It is safe to say that Italian cuisine and culture go hand in hand. For Italians, food is not just a source of food needed for life. Food, as well as art, architecture and much more, is an integral part of history. Italians’ cuisine defines this nation. Traditional Italian cuisine is popular in every corner of the world, so the fact that it does not exist, in fact, will surprise many. The fact is that each region of Italy has its own, local dishes, which often have nothing to do with the usual menu for residents of other parts of the country. Each region, province, and city of sunny Italy has brought and contributes to the variety of gastronomic delights of the country.

Italian Cuisine Abroad

A lot of attention is paid to Italian cuisine and wine abroad. Italian restaurants are among the most popular in the world. But do they have anything to do with Italian cuisine at all?

According to Italian experts, for example, the food in 90% of Italian restaurants in the U.S. does not correspond to Italian cuisine at all.

In the minds of many people, Italian cuisine is still associated with the image of a pretty big guy eating spaghetti with meat sauce. But the reality is that in Italy almost no one eats spaghetti with meat sauce. Italians eat an incredible amount of variations of pasta cooked with vegetables or seafood. And another misconception – pasta is not the equivalent of spaghetti only.

Variety of Italian cuisine are dishes in which the preparation of fresh ingredients with the use of vegetables, fruits and olive oil is widely used. All this, combined with a reasonable amount of wine, contributes to health, as Italian food is based only on healthy food.

Thanks to a healthy diet, Italians are much less likely to be overweight. After all, the Italian cuisine does not welcome fast food, does not resort to the widespread use of soda and does not tend to ignore fruits and vegetables, as, for example, in the kitchen of America.

Italy mesmerizes us with its beauty, conquers us with its behavior, keeps you close by manners and food, mesmerizes you with its passion.

Whatever life in Italy is, Italians are always ready to pamper themselves with their favorite dishes and wine. In Italy, they can and can enjoy life and little joys, and Italian cuisine is the little joy of life.