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French Kitchen

French Dishes

French cuisine is the most exquisite cuisine in the world. Quiche, onion soup, ratatouille – these and other recipes of delicious dishes look in the review.

National French cuisine is distinguished by the variety and bold combinations of tastes. Any dish is served with sauce, of which the French have invented a huge variety.

Traditional French cuisine is based on simple products, from which complex dishes are created. Shrimp and lobster, a variety of fish species, a lot of meat dishes, vegetables. And, of course, great French cheeses, from the famous Roquefort and Camembert to goat cheeses of Languedoc villages.

It’s impossible not to mention such famous French dishes as frog legs and snails. Without them, the original cuisine of the country is simply impossible to imagine. And of course, France’s main drink was wine. Wines, in all their multicolor palette.

The national dishes of French cuisine

Croissant. It was from France that this crispy pastry with various fillings came to us. The French have coffee with croissants as a traditional breakfast.

Frog’s legs. This original French delicacy is not all, and completely in vain. Frog legs are very tasty and resemble chicken.

Snails in garlic sauce. Another unique recipe of French cuisine, which is certainly worth tasting.

Coke-a-wine. Chicken or rooster in red wine. One of the complex French recipes that only a professional chef can understand all the details.

Foie gras. Goose liver pâté. It is difficult to prepare and raw materials are taken from the goose liver, using only the liver of specially bred geese fattened on a special diet.

Ratatouille. Vegetable dish of stewed pepper, zucchini, and eggplant. Ratatouille recipes may vary depending on the region.

Fondue. Cheese or chocolate dish prepared by melting in special heat-resistant dishes kakelon on an open fire.

Truffles. A delicacy of mushrooms growing in the ground. A real dish of aristocrats.

Onion soup. Soup on a transparent broth with onions, cheese, and croutons, both simple and exquisite dishes.

Crème brûlée. The most delicate cream, the real taste of which you can learn only in France.

Crème brûlée. Crispy thin pancakes originating in Brittany. Served with or without filling.

Profiteroles with custard. Traditional French brownies made of delicate pastry.