Every hunter with huge experience of hunting has a whole storehouse of knowledge, which can be used to write a whole book-a manual for beginners inexperienced hunters. Take, at least, the equipment, it should be prepared in advance in four copies: spring, summer, autumn and winter. After all, every season dictates its own rules, in winter you do not go hunting in sneakers, and in summer you do not need valenki. In short, the basic sets of hunting equipment must be ready in advance, and different additives can be packed with the onset of a particular hunting season.

8 main categories

It is clear to everyone that ammunition and weapons should be present at all times of the year, whether it is summer or winter hunting, a hunter without a gun is not a hunter. But in addition, you need to have a lot of items that will not only make it easier to spend time in the bosom of nature, but also protect in many dangerous situations. When collecting a set of equipment you need to take into account whether you go on foot for game or by car. If you don’t carry a lot of things on your two, it’s much easier with a car, loaded in the trunk a whole bunch of different useful things for hunting, and with a calm soul you go hunting.

To make things easier, let’s find out what we need to take with us first:

  1. Protection – items of equipment that can protect a person while sleeping, while working inside the camp, while moving. Objects in this group also protect against snow, rain, heat, water under your feet and other similar environmental factors.
  2. The hunting process is the equipment that contributes to successful game hunting. For example, binoculars, with which the area is viewed, or camouflage clothes, in which the hunter becomes less visible.
  3. Cooking process – this group includes items such as primus, kettle, matches, and also includes items with which the hunter can warm up and dry soaked clothes. For example, an axe is needed for gathering firewood, you can cook food on it, and at the same time warm yourself up near a fire.
  4. For cutting game – hunting knife is considered an indispensable thing in a hike. It’s used by a hunter to cut up shot game. Also this group includes a small axe, where the knife will not cope, the axe will finish his work.
  5. Means of transportation – for winter hunting prepare skis, this means of transportation was the only one that our ancestors could use. Nowadays modern hunters use machinery such as cars, cross-country vehicles, snowmobiles. Before the hunting season begins, the owner of such equipment must check its condition and prepare it for departure.
  6. We bring the game home – an experienced hunter does not return home without the game, but not in the hands of drag her. To do this, the equipment must have such things as bags, ropes, polyethylene film and, of course, an indispensable backpack.
  7. Treatment – when you are far away from home in the woods or in the mountains, when you have an injury or other health problems, there is no way to get immediate medical help. For such cases, the hunter must have a complete first-aid kit, where the medicines for injuries and essential medicines are selected.
  8. It is no secret that there are always a lot of insects in the forest or near water bodies. That’s why when you’re going hunting, you need to bring nuggets, ointments, sprays, insect fluids.

Now let’s look at the main groups from the above list separately and in more detail. This way it will be easier to decide on the final choice of purchasing items for hunting equipment.