Chinese Kitchen

Chinese Kitchen

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Chinese cuisine includes the cuisine of China’s regions as well as the culinary traditions of the Chinese diaspora. The history of Chinese cuisine begins with the Neolithic, and over time, different regions have developed their own preferences depending on the climate and court fashion. Over the years, foreign ingredients and cooking traditions have been integrated into Chinese cuisine. There are specific culinary characteristics that are characteristic of people of different social classes and nationalities. The most famous dishes of Chinese cuisine are Peking duck, dim sum, fried rice, century-old egg, turtle soup.

The Chinese tradition of eating dogs and cats is strongly criticized in the West.

Chinise Restraunt

There are the so-called eight types of Chinese cuisine (Whale Trad. 中国八大菜系, pinyin: zhōngguó bādà càixì, pall: jungo bada caixi:

  • Sweet Cantonese, known for its delicate and crispy dishes,
  • Flavourful, sweet and fresh Fujian
  • Buttery Hunan
  • Jiangsu kitchen
  • The unusual Shangdong, where they make shark fin soup and salangane nest,
    spicy and fat Sichuan is known for preserving the original tastes of dishes and virtuoso knife work,
  • Zhejiang